How Do You Become a Non-Executive Director?

Jo Haigh is the CEO of FDS, a boutique corporate finance business, and is a highly experienced Non-Executive Director (NED). She outlines how to go from the frontline to the boardroom. A NED is not there to run the company, because they have no operational role. In fact, a poor NED interferes with the day […]

13th December 2018

31st January 2019: External Event – OnBoarding Officers Non-Executive Directors Training Launch Event – London

How can the leadership qualities of current and former military officers be applied to a business context? The University of Salford are hosting a free to attend networking and knowledge sharing event on the subject in Central London. In attendance will be their Super Non-Executive Directors, ambassadors and course tutors, as well as other potential […]

31st January 2018

Joining an NHS Board – Becoming a Non-Executive Director

This webinar is for any former officers looking for possible career paths into the the role of a non-executive director on an NHS Board. With 237 NHS trusts across the country, there are plenty of board level opportunities to explore. The qualities that an officer could bring to a board are recognised but it is […]

5th December 2017