Opportunities for Service Leavers in the land based sector

HighGround is a national charity supporting service leavers, veterans and reservists transition into the land based sector via its 5 day Rural Weeks programme followed by ongoing support from the HighGround Careers Manager . On the 22nd March the OA will be running a webinar with HighGround to explain the programme and talk about the […]

31st May 2016

High Ground’s Rural Weeks Programme Reveals ‘Exciting’ Opportunities In The Land-Based Sector

“I’d like to help people be they best they can be, regardless of their background, and if I can do some of that in the outdoors – then all the better!” Having grown up in the countryside, Kate Philp thought she was aware of all of the career options available in the land-based sector. However, […]

18th May 2016

Team Work and Communication Are Highly Prized In The Land-Based Sector

Is it essential you like being outdoors? Yes! But that doesn’t mean your options are limited to manual labour. Anna Baker Cresswell, founder of the charity High Ground, explains why the land based sector is a growth industry that’s ‘crying out for motivated, reliable people’ with your skills. If you enjoy the idea of being […]

Interested in the land-based sector? Then this opportunity with HighGround could be made for you.

HighGround is a charity which helps Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans to find jobs, careers and vocational opportunities in the land-based sector( Farming, Forestry, Conservation, Landscape-design and more) UK-wide and overseas. Currently, through its Rural Weeks (RXW) Programme, they have a network of contacts who provide work experience opportunities that can open doors to land-based […]