18th March 2020: LinkedIn Essentials Workshop – Catterick

Are you one of the 28 million professionals in the UK making use of LinkedIn? Attend this workshop to learn how to amend your profile so that it shines to employers and your network. Whether you are just getting started or have had a profile for years, Lincoln Coutts will guide you through the tips […]

18th March 2019

How Do You Use Social Media to Network?

Louise Chaplin is a Partner and Head of Board Practice at Eton Bridge Partners, which specialises in executive search and interim management. A former Army officer, Louise outlines the crucial role social media plays in the job market. Social media is essential for building a new career after leaving the Armed Forces. By using social […]

15th October 2018

LinkedIn has 550 Million Members: How Will You Build a New Career If You’re Not One of Them?

Lincoln Coutts is a Social Media Consultant with 17 years of experience. He shares his top tips on using social media in your professional life. Social media is a great way to research career areas you are unfamiliar with and have no contacts in. Twitter is often dismissed as somewhere people shout nonsense, but there […]

4th July 2018

OA Facebook Page Celebrates First Birthday

The OA Facebook Page was launched in July 2016, and is now a crucial way for us to engage with people. It has 12,269 followers and has become an active hub for the transitioning and former officers’ community. We also use Facebook to reach a wider audience, including beyond the military sector. We share key […]

20th July 2017

The OA is now on Instagram

You can now follow the OA on Instagram. As part of our commitment to using digital technology to expand our community, the OA has created its own Instagram account. The image sharing social network has 14 million users in the UK, and 95 million photos and videos are shared everyday worldwide (The Telegraph). The OA […]

6th July 2017

Officers’ Association Is Going Social!

The Officers Association is happy to announce the launch of its official Facebook page! We’ve got a lot planned for our new channel, where we’ll bring you the latest news from the OA community, showcase insights from our events and much more. With more video content planned in the coming months, we’ll be working closely with […]

5th July 2016

Your LinkedIn Profile – How to Get Noticed

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it”. This quote by Erik Qualman, Marketing and eBusiness Expert, aptly sums up the importance of enhancing your online presence. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started: Smart profile picture Your profile picture should […]

18th May 2016

Useful tips when using social media in your job hunt

Whether you are in transition or a former officer wishing to change your career, it always helps to research everything there is to know about resumes, cover letters and interviews before starting your job hunt. The newest and most effective tool when searching for jobs is social media. Studies have shown that a large number […]

What does your online presence say about you?

When recruiters conduct online searches on individuals, they look to verify your qualifications and ensure that you would be an asset to their organisation. So its important to think about what your social media presence says about you. Here are some things employers should not see on your profile: Provocative or inappropriate photographs or information […]

How to Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile Shines

Whether you’re in or out of employment, it’s important to have a LinkedIn profile that will always do you justice. Here, career expert Giles O’Halloran talks us through making the most of this all-important online showcase. Linkedin is effectively an online shop window for your CV. It will be seen by recruiters, companies and potential […]

16th May 2016

Opportunities Working From Home

HR Professional and Career-columnist Giles O’Halloran talks us through opportunities for setting up business from your own home. Setting up your own home based business is something you can do quite easily. Armed with a laptop or PC, an internet connection, a phone and the willingness to invest time and effort, you can create something […]

Why You Need to Start Using LinkedIn Properly

Is your LinkedIn profile working to its full potential? Whether you think you’ve got every area covered or have no profile at all, it’s likely that LinkedIn expert and author Tim Savage has got hints, tips and advice that will ensure you’re utilising this essential career and networking tool for maximum impact. Reticence and self […]

24th May 2014