Introduction to Enterprise and Self-Employment

Starting up your own business can be a very attractive idea to many Service Leavers. ln this webinar we speak to X-Forces, a charity that specialise in helping ex-military create their own business, about what to consider before making that leap. The three main topics will be: Enterprise – a life skill whether you are […]

7th June 2016

I’d Love to Work for Myself but…

The independent life appeals to many and, as long as you have something valuable to offer, it can be hugely rewarding. Like most things in life though, success doesn’t happen by chance. If you are going to succeed, then, like any other business, you are going to have to market yourself effectively. In this webinar […]

24th January 2017

Changing Career Post Transition

Feeling unfulfilled and disengaged from your job and career is a sure sign that now is the time to move on. Recognising this is easy – taking the steps necessary to rediscovering yourself is the tricky part. Imagine waking up each morning, knowing you have a job to go to that stimulates your interests and […]

10th February 2017