A better work and life balance with a career in interim management

Pursuing a career in interim management can be an interesting choice in terms of satisfaction, reward and a better work/life balance. You will be given the chance to make a real impact on a number of contrasting businesses and often be offered highly competitive rates of pay. But how do you know whether you possess […]

11th April 2017

The Work World’s Your Oyster

From hot-desking, the garden shed to the cloud – Giles O’Halloran talks us through less conventional ways of working. If you are setting up your own business, or perhaps intending to work as a freelancer, you need to consider where you will work and how you will work. Sometimes the classic office location may not […]

16th May 2016

Opportunities Working From Home

HR Professional and Career-columnist Giles O’Halloran talks us through opportunities for setting up business from your own home. Setting up your own home based business is something you can do quite easily. Armed with a laptop or PC, an internet connection, a phone and the willingness to invest time and effort, you can create something […]

Working From Home As A Livery Company Clerk

The Livery Companies are often a focus for officers given their linkage to charitable works, fellowship and national heritage; many of the Livery Companies date back many centuries, some as far as the 10th century. We are joined by Mark Leaning who will give an insight into the work of the London Livery Companies with […]

31st March 2015