Maria's Story

Maria left the Army in 2018 after almost nine years as an officer in the Royal Engineers enjoying a varied career: undertaking roles in engineering, construction and armoured engineering work as well as working with military dogs. Maria’s career saw her serve in Iraq, undertake training operations in Kenya, Canada and Europe, and provide engineering support to the 2012 Olympics.

After the Army, she took up a role in a humanitarian aid organisation for two years as a disaster responder, leading deployments in response to an earthquake, a tsunami, cyclones, flooding and bush fires. As an engineer and team leader, Maria developed her collaboration and leadership skills immeasurably.

On her return to the UK, Maria qualified as an Agile Project Manager and gained a Project Management Qualification (PMQ). She came to the OA for advice and guidance, in her own words, ‘hungry for a challenge’.

"The OA has been simply brilliant for me. The support I received was invaluable and I am really grateful for all the assistance they have given me. I hope I can pay it back.”

Throughout Maria’s career, variety has been the key to holding her interest, given her innate ability to provide solutions to complex and demanding problems. Project management or consulting seemed a natural fit, and after a career consultation and attending an OA LinkedIn Workshop, Maria set about connecting with the
OA’s extensive support network of former officers across different industries.

Last summer, Maria started working at MI-GSO | PCUBED as a Senior Consultant where she has a client-facing role for the central government, operating in response to Covid-19.  She was subsequently promoted to Principal Consultant and Account Leader in Financial Services and Technology, managing a team of twelve people.

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