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The Land-Based Sector

Posted: 3rd Jun 2020

Opportunities for Ex-Military Personnel

in the Land-Based Sector

Anna Baker Cresswell, Founder and Executive Director of HighGround, discusses the opportunities for ex-military personnel in the land-based sector and the impact of Covid-19.

About the Webinar

Ex-military personnel have the skills and experience to fit those needed in the land-based sector. Anna Baker Cresswell joined us to discuss how HighGround is pioneering an initiative to link former officers to employers who recognise this.

Anna Baker Cresswell is HighGround’s Founder and Executive Director. She is responsible for organisational strategy, co-ordinating and all fund-raising. As a proud Northumbrian, Anna has spent the last decade working in the military charity sector.

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Rural Weeks

If you'd like to gain more insight into employment and self-employment opportunities in the land-based sector, HighGround's Rural Weeks are a great place to start.

HighGround's Rural Weeks are designed as the place to start your life beyond the military – outdoors. They aim to introduce you to different areas of the land-based sector, and the first Virtual Rural Week will take place 15th - 17th June.

HighGround ordinarily run their Rural Week events in the great outdoors, with the next 'in-person' autumn programme scheduled to start on 13th September.

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