OnBoarding Officers

Posted: 24th Nov 2020

Transferring military skills into the boardroom and understanding the terminology

About the Webinar

Jo Haigh, Chief Executive Officer, FDS Director Services and OnBoarding Officers, discusses transferring military skills into the boardroom and helps demystify the terminology.

A Non-Executive Director (NED) sits on the board of an organisation and provides independent advice. Officers already possess many of the attributes required to be a Non-Executive Director, and in this webinar, Jo will explain how these skills translate and transfer to the boardroom.

OnBoarding Officers is a unique and prestigious community designed to develop and hone the skills of senior military officers through a five-day insight programme. The next OnBoarding programme runs from 1 - 5 March 2021.

Jo has over 30 years’ experience both as an Executive Director and NED, she is a regular speaker at OA events.

Watch the Webinar

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