Webinar | Interim Management with Simon Berry

Webinar | Interim Management with Simon Berry


Independent executive roles suit the type of person who likes challenge and variety, enjoys delivering high-impact change and then moving on, or the type of person who gets easily ‘bored’ of managing steady state. If this resonates with you, then a career as an independent executive could be a great choice. It offers variety and challenge as well as being financially rewarding and gives you greater control over your work/life balance.

Demand for independent executives is at its peak during times of change and turmoil. The current Covid-19 climate and 2021 predictions indicate slow economic recovery in the UK, which may not pick-up until 2022/23. In parallel, the predictions for the future of work indicate an increased demand for independent expertise. These two factors point to a speedier recovery and rising demand in the market for independent executives.

The webinar covers:

  • Likely work trends and skillsets required in 2021
  • What the life of an independent executive is REALLY like and the qualities of those who are successful
  • Where clients need help and the interventions they need from you
  • The process of delivering results at speed
  • Where to start in creating a powerful personal brand
  • How to win work and grab the attention of potential clients and interim providers/agencies

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