Webinar | Transferring Military Skills Into the Boardroom

Webinar | Transferring Military Skills Into the Boardroom

Transferring Military Skills into the Boardroom in a Post-COVID Setting

Jo Haigh, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of OnBoarding Officers, identifies how officers already possess the attributes required for Non-Executive Director roles.


A Non-Executive Director (NED) sits on the board of an organisation and provides independent advice to the executive team. The role can be very appealing, as it allows a person to sit on multiple boards at any one time and can help an individual establish a portfolio career post-service. It is important to note that with such a role comes responsibility and commitment.

It will come as no surprise that COVID-19 hit British boardrooms hard, and continues to do so, especially affecting those who do not have the skillsets required to manage and deal with the risks to the business. OnBoarding Officers have witnessed first-hand just how vital it can be to have a calm, focused board member who can assist with strategy and risk management. British boards are also facing a desperate shortage of those skilled in cyber security and crisis management.

In this webinar, Jo discusses officers’ skillsets and how your knowledge and experiences can complement boards on a daily basis, now more than ever before.

Jo is joined by Philip Butler, serving RAF Wing Commander and OnBoarding Officers Alumni from February 2019. As a school trustee, using skills and practices gained in service, Philip helped create a strategic plan for COVID-19 so that in March the school was fully prepared and equipped to operate remotely without any delays.

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