About Us

Our Vision

A secure and sustainable future for our officers and their families

Our Mission

To provide officers and their families with the support they need to thrive outside the Armed Forces

Our Charitable Object and Activities for the Public Benefit

The Officers’ Association (OA) is a registered charity, founded in 1920. We provide advice and financial help to relieve distress and hardship amongst those who have held a Commission in the Armed Forces, their families and dependants. We also support officers in their transition into civilian employment, thus meeting our purpose to aid, assist and promote the interests of all such persons.


The OA was incorporated under Royal Charter on 30 June 1921 and registered as a charity (number 201321) with the Charity Commission on 17 April 1964. It is the parent charity of OA Advance Limited whose financial statements have been consolidated in these financial statements.

Our Services

As the only Tri-Service charity working with the officer corps, we support former officers and their families, their widows/widowers and dependants by providing advice and financial help, where needed, to enable them to live independently and overcome financial challenges. We work with serving and former officers to help them achieve a sustainable and fulfilling career in civilian employment.

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