Whether you are still serving, in transition or a former officer wishing to change career in later life, the OA is able to offer professional, impartial and practical advice on all aspects of transition and employment.

Discovering what you want from your next career after the Armed Services can be a challenging process, so having the right support, insight and connections on hand is vital – this is where we can help.

To support you in achieving this, we can assist you best in three key areas:

  • Building your knowledge
  • Growing your connections and network
  • Bringing you roles from employers who value the benefits former officer bring

We offer the following services to any officer registered with us:

  • Career Consultations: Your OA Career Consultant (who will have experience of both the Service and commercial world) will tailor their advice to your needs. This will vary from person to person, for example, some may be unsure of which sectors to try and enter; some will need help with CVs while others may be looking for networking contacts. We also guide the officer through an appraisal of what he or she is looking for in the next stage of their working life.
  • Networking: This represents by far the greatest job finding opportunity and 70% of OA clients find their next role through networking. This is supported by the fact that the majority of jobs (around 80% in many sectors) are not publicly advertised. We have a unique network of contacts, in a wide range of employment fields. All the contacts are prepared to give advice to former Officers and Service Leavers. Registering with us offers the potential to link into this influential network and others.
  • Employment Forums & Briefings: Held approximately once every six months, those registered with the OA are invited to attend to hear the experience of other officers, meet employers and get jobseeking tips and opportunities from a variety of sectors.
  • Executive Jobs Board: The OA's in-house jobs board focuses on positions particularly suited to officers’ skills.
  • Getting or Staying In Touch: We may be able to put you in touch with other clients. Equally, as an OA client, others may be able to get in touch with you. You do not have to be an active jobseeker or networker in order to stay on our books, and we can ensure that your details are not given to anyone without your permission.