London Employment Symposium 2017 on Facebook Live

On Tuesday 12th December 2017, the Officers’ Association held their national Employment Services Symposium at Deloitte HQ, London. Five of the talks were live streamed on Facebook and you can watch them below.   For the talk below, we were joined by Ben Keene and Skye Robertson from Escape the City, a global career change community for […]

12th December 2017

The Value of Attending the OA Symposium

OA Career Consultants, Fiona Jackson and Clive Lowe, will be discussing the benefits of attending the OA Employment Symposium on 12th December 2017 and how to get the most value from it.   Watch the webinar:

14th November 2017

Identify your Transferable Skills – Mind Flip

Why should someone hire YOU? How are you going to stand out against the other candidates on a short-list and show a potential employer that you have the skills they need? And how do you convince someone to hire you if your experience doesn’t exactly match the job description? These are some of the toughest […]

18th July 2017

LinkedIn Quick Tips with Lincoln Coutts

Here are four short videos that will give you some tips on using LinkedIn. Topics covered include: managing your public profile, controlling who can see your profile, privacy settings and managing your email.     Watch the videos now:     Your Public Profile     Profile Viewing Options     Hiding Profile Updates   […]

25th July 2017

More Opportunities within the Land Based Sector – HighGround 2017

Have you ever considered a career in the land-based sector? Do you know what the land-based sector is? HighGround is a charity whose mission is Life beyond the military – Outdoors. They help Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans to find jobs, carers and vocational opportunities in farming, forestry, conservation, landscape design and much more. HighGround […]

11th July 2017

How to Get the Most Out of Networking Events

Join OA Careers Consultant, Keith Spencer, to find out more about how to get the most out of networking events. Keith covers top-tips, image projection and much more.   Watch the webinar:  

21st March 2017

The Importance of Networking – Ask the Expert on Facebook Live

In this Facebook Live session we are joined by former British Army officer turned networking guru and life coach – Anna-Marie Watson. We discuss key topics including the important of networking, the 7 p’s and how it can make you more confident in everyday life.   Watch the broadcast:

28th November 2016

The Importance of Leadership in Business and Life on Facebook Live

In this Facebook Live session we are joined by Nigel Hughes from London-based leadership consultancy Maynard Leigh.   Watch the broadcast:

22nd November 2016

Top Tips For Transition – Ask the Expert on Facebook Live

You may be at the stage where you’re clear about the career path you want to take and have already done your research. Or you may be overwhelmed by the amount of options out there. Don’t worry, everyone’s transition is different so don’t be concerned if you’re still unsure. We are joined by in-house transition […]

19th October 2016

Transition from the Military to the Financial Services Industry on Facebook Live

In this week’s Facebook Live broadcast we are joined by Milo from the Capco office in London, as he discusses his own personal transition from the military into the financial services industry.   Watch the broadcast:    

3rd November 2016

Introduction to Enterprise and Self-Employment

Starting up your own business can be a very attractive idea to many Service Leavers. ln this webinar we speak to X-Forces, a charity that specialise in helping ex-military create their own business, about what to consider before making that leap. The three main topics will be: Enterprise – a life skill whether you are […]

7th June 2016

Building a Military Network

Network. Network. Network. This is a common theme whenever anyone is talking about transition or finding that next role. And it is effective: We estimate that 70% of Service leavers secure roles through their network. But what do you do if there is not a network in the area you are looking to settle? This […]

22nd May 2017

BNY Mellon Returning Military Programme

We are joined by Emma Crofts, Vice President – Programme Manager in Global Talent Acquisition at BNY Mellon, to talk about their Returning Military Programme. BNY Mellon has a team of more than 50,000 professionals in 36 countries and provides financial services for institutions, corporations and high-net-worth individuals in more than 100 markets worldwide. If […]

21st June 2016

Why Military Innovation = Commercial Creativity

Jo North, a Lecturer for the Strategic Leadership Programme at the University of York, will explore the fundamentals of creativity and how these can be applied, no matter your experience in business.   Watch the webinar:  

8th December 2015

Armed Forces to Capco Consulting Opportunities

Capco is a global business and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services industry. Over recent years Capco has employed a number of ex-Armed Forces Officers and in this webinar Capco give insight into their experience with working in the consulting industry, including the different types of organisations and typical projects you may be involved […]

3rd November 2015

Opportunities within the Land Based Sector – HighGround 2016

What opportunities do you think are available in the land based sector? You may be surprised to hear there is great scope and diversity on offer within the roles in this industry. Look past some of the common misconceptions that it only offers manual or ill-paid positions and you’ll find an industry where your skills […]

12th April 2016

BNY Mellon: Returning Military Programme – What Officers Need to Know

Transfer your military skills to the workplace BNY Mellon is a global investments company dedicated to helping clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. BNY Mellon have two core businesses: Investment management Investment services BNY Mellon offer a six-week work placement and training programme across all business areas in the UK. […]

25th May 2017

Opportunities Within The Land Based Sector – HighGround 2017

Are you transitioning from the military? Ever considered opportunities in Farming, Forestry, Conservation or Landscape-design? Then this webinar is for you. HighGround is a charity which helps Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans to find jobs, careers and vocational opportunities in the land-based sector. We will be joined by the Career Managers from the national charity […]

2nd May 2017

What a Startup Can Offer You

Have you ever considered working for a startup or small business? Although they may at first appear a risky option, Will Orme argues that the challenges and rewards far outweigh the uncertainties.   Watch the webinar:  

13th January 2015

The Fundamentals of a Career in Security

What does a career in security actually entail? In this webinar we separate the myths from the reality with former Royal Marine George Bennet. George has worked across a variety of sectors for global risk and strategic consulting firm Control Risks – from counter-kidnapping training to reviewing the security of an agricultural business in Ethiopia. […]

14th October 2014