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Please contact the Membership team by emailing: ​

Alternatively, you can call on 0207 808 4189

OABF Supporter

OABF Supporters are an important part of our OABF community. OABF Supporters include spouses, partners, military-friendly employers, and any other individual who shares an interest in our officer community, our work and support that we provide. An individual does NOT need to be an officer to sign up as an OABF Supporter.

Once you have signed up as an OABF Supporter, you will receive monthly community updates featuring all the latest news, events which non-officers are able to attend, exclusive employment guidance and how the OABF is working to support our community.

Whether you join as an OABF Supporter or an OABF Member, you will become part of our growing OABF Community.  

Your choice will depend on your current situation and the level of support you want to receive from the OABF.  If you are a serving or former officer, we suggest joining as an OABF Member as the benefits and services provided to OABF Members are focused specifically for our officer community. 

If you are not an officer but are interested in joining the OABF Community, we would love you to join as an OABF Supporter. All we need is your name, email address, and your connection to the military community, and you will start to receive our monthly newsletters. You can unsubscribe at any time.

OABF Membership

The OABF’s objective is to provide support and assistance to officers and their families. Moving forward, the OABF aims to further develop and nurture the community that has evolved over the past 100 years.  An integral part of this development is for us to become more engaged and interactive with the officers who use our services. 

If you have held a Commission in the Armed Forces, then you are eligible to become an OABF Member.

No, it’s free to the join the OABF and there are no additional charges for using OABF employment services or benefits provided.

The enhanced benefits we provide to OABF Members are for officers only. When you join, you will need to provide some personal and military information so we can qualify members as serving or former officers. Once you have created a profile you will be given immediate access to the Members Area, where you will be able to view and start using OABF services and benefits.

Joining the OABF is easy; simply complete our quick and easy online Join Form. You will be given immediate access to the Members Area of our website to make the most of your exclusive, career focused benefits.

You do not need to renew your OABF Membership. As a member you can enjoy ongoing access to our specialist Careers Consultants, the OABF Jobs Board, the OABF’s exclusive Network Contact List and OABF events. 

If at any point you would like to manage your communications preferences and / or opt out of emails, simply log in to your members area and go to ‘My Details’. Please be advised that by opting out of receiving OABF emails, you will miss out on updates about our events and services. 

If you wish to end your relationship/cancel your membership with the OABF and have your data removed from our database, then please contact the Membership team directly as they will manage this for you.

As an OABF Member, you will have access to all our  career focused services, including specialist Career Consultants, the OABF Jobs Board, access to both OABF and partner events, the exclusive OABF Network Contact List, training and networking opportunities plus access to our online resources.

The OABF is uniquely positioned to work with those leaving the Services, before, during and after transition to achieve sustainable civilian employment.

Our extensive experience providing expertise and career guidance to officers ensures that we have an up-to-date understanding of the challenges and opportunities that face officers leaving the military. 

As an OABF Member, you get unlimited access to our expert career consultants, who bring a wealth of professional experience and personal experience of transitioning from successful military careers. 

Our OABF Network Contact List brings together a vast community of ex-military professionals who are willing to share their successful transition experience and expertise across a diverse range of industries. 

In addition, you can join a range of OABF events, including fireside chats, networking events and employer-focused insight events. 

Login and My Details

Your username is the email you joined with, if you forget this, please contact the Membership team who will reset it. If you forget your password, please use the Reset Password link on the log-in screen.

Within Your Details, there are a few fields that are not editable via the portal; this includes your Email, Surname and Military Number. If you need to edit one of these fields, please contact the Membership team.

We ask that you use your personal email address that is unique to you to create your username rather than a work email address. Using your personal email as a default means that your login details are likely to remain unchanged, and we can stay connected for longer.

If you need to change your email/username, please contact the Membership team or call on 0207 808 4189. You are unable to change your email/username via the membership portal.

Once you join as a member, you will receive two types of emails; Service emails and Update emails.

Service emails will include communication that we need you to receive as an OABF Member, these will include information regarding your membership, related benefits, and confirmation of benefit activation including event registration or consultation bookings. You cannot unsubscribe from these emails but if you do not wish to receive these emails, please contact the Membership team.

Update emails include our weekly Jobs Bulletins and regular OABF Member Newsletters with a focus on employment news, services and events. Sometimes we will provide news from our partners and sponsors. You can manage these different types of email communications via your ‘Email preferences’ within the My Details area of your Members Area.

For full details of the OABF emails and how to manage your preferences, please read our Terms & Conditions.

We take your personal data seriously and understand that by processing your data, we have a responsibility to work within the General Data Protection Regulations and to strive for best practice in all areas of data management.  

You can read our full OABF Privacy Policy and the Membership Privacy Notice.

You can sign in to your Members Area at any time to update your personal and employment details: sign in. We ask that you keep your details up to date to ensure our communication with you is relevant and based on your current service/employment status. 

Your Service number is used for verification of your officer status and therefore your eligibility to be an OABF Member. It is also used to check that we do not already have a record for you in our membership database system, to reduce duplicate records.

We want you to be happy with the services you receive from the OABF. If you have a query or concern regarding your membership or any OABF benefits, please contact the Membership team.

If you would like a copy of our Complaints Procedure, please contact the Membership Services Manager at

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