Hon Reps Roadshow 2023
Hon Reps Roadshow 2023
Hon Reps Roadshow, October 2023

A highlight of the OABF Benevolent Fund’s (OABFBF) calendar is our annual Hon Reps’ Roadshow.  An opportunity to get together, reflect on the year, share learnings and most importantly to say a big thank you for the invaluable work carried out by our dedicated team of voluntary Hon Reps.

This year, the first roadshow was hosted in Chester, with a second event held in Bath, allowing Hon Reps from across the country to join us.   Guests enjoyed insightful talks from our Chairman of Trustees, Alex Spofforth and our CEO Lee Holloway, focusing on the OABF’s guiding mission of providing officers and their families with the support they need to thrive outside of the armed forces.  There were presentations from Rose Atkinson-Park, Senior Grants and Welfare Manager and Bridget Gallagher, Grants and Welfare Manager and OABFBF Hon Rep Support Manager.  These looked at the work carried out by the OABFBF in 2023, as well as safeguarding for adults and a first-hand account case study delivered by an OABFBF Hon Rep.  The event culminated in the annual dinner, which was an opportunity for Hon Reps and the team at the OABFBF to socialise, share insights and learnings and strengthen the OABFBF community bond, which does so much to support former military officers in their times of need.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an Hon Rep visit: ‘Everything you need to know about volunteering for the OABF’.  Or if you’d like to help us continue our work supporting former officers by making a donation, visit ‘Donate and Make a Difference’.


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