Championing officers’ distinct abilities to meet the challenges of business and society

We exist to help officers find employment and to relieve hardship amongst those who have held a Commission in the Armed Forces, their families and dependants.

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We're working to continue our services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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For officers

Transitioning from a military to a civilian career brings particular challenges.

We support you through this change to help you achieve sustainable employment in a role that feels right and takes into account your individual circumstances, aspirations and skills.

We partner with you to help you prepare for the challenges of civilian employment.

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For employers

We know and understand officers. We know the value of their skills and military training.

We work with employers to help you understand how best to recruit officers and the benefits of doing so.

We match proven ex-military experience into the critical skills you need for your business and organisation.

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For families

We believe those who have served, and their families, should have someone who understands their background and individual needs especially when facing challenging times.

We provide confidential and tailored support to help former officers and their families through difficult times.

Access to advice and financial support when you need it the most.

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Every officer and their family should have access to the right support to thrive in civilian life.

We exist to help officers and reservists find employment and to provide advice and financial support to relieve hardship amongst those who have held a Commission in the Armed Forces, their families and dependants.

We receive no government funding and rely on our work with employers and support from stakeholders to offer OA services to those who qualify.

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Understanding 50+ Service Leavers

A ground-breaking project investigates the attitudes of Service leavers aged 50+ as they transition from military to civilian employment.


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