OABF Hon Rep Testimonial –
Tim Craven

I have been a volunteer Honorary Representative ‘Hon Rep’ for the Officers’ Association for some 14 years. I have volunteered for other charities in my time. What separates The OABF from other charities is that they are particularly effective in delivering, quick, no fuss and appropriate support and assistance to Officer veteran beneficiaries and their families in their time of need. 

On my visits to beneficiaries, they are grateful that Hon Reps are part of the overall military family and there is the comradery spirit of: ‘we’re all in this together.’ Some cases we deal with are complex and some beneficiaries feel vulnerable and frequently alone. Without exception, they tell me that their cases are being dealt with by non-judgemental case workers who use compassion, thoughtfulness and respect. There is no doubt that Hon Reps feel that they are providing a friendly ear to those less fortunate in the ‘family’ who have served their country with pride.  Without the OABF and the support it offers, these veterans and families may not be able to maintain a respectful standard of living.


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