June’s Story

June’s Story

June's Story

June and her late husband Roger, a retired major of the Royal Signals, were referred to the OABF’s Grants & Welfare team in 2007 in urgent need of help and support.

Tragically, Roger had suffered a stroke just a few months after the couple married, which suddenly changed their lives forever. Roger had been in reasonable health prior to the stroke but now needed care and support at home 24/7. The OABF assisted with financial help and emotional support during this difficult time in their lives. Sadly, Roger died in 2017.

Following Roger’s death, June continued to face an uncertain future as she had been out of the workplace whilst caring for Roger and experiencing health and financial difficulties. The Grants and Welfare Manager who initially supported the couple, helped June as she faced the challenges arising from the unexpected changes in her life.

June was able to downsize to a more manageable property, which sadly meant leaving the home she and Roger had shared for many years but enabled her to gain financial independence. She has since been able to return to work and is now in a role that she loves teaching arts and crafts.
June remains very supportive of the work that the OABF does and is ‘forever grateful’ for the support and regular grant assistance that was given to her and Roger when they needed it.

To show her appreciation, June is leaving the OABF a legacy in her will in the hope that the OABF can continue to offer support to fellow retired officers and their families for many years to come.


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