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Volunteer With Us

We rely on the help and support of volunteers to enable us to provide a personal approach with our work. Former officers who have successfully transitioned into civilian employment provide networking and employment opportunities to those following behind them.  Retired officers, spouses and individuals keen to be involved in our work help us to stay in touch with those we help.

How you can help support those who have served

Your time and support matters

Network Contact List

Work with us to help officers in transition

We rely on your support to ensure former officers are well prepared to find relevant work. Over 600 mostly former officers work to support officers seeking advice and guidance when leaving military life.  All those who register on the list recognise the challenges faced by Service leavers and the value veterans bring to the workplace. To volunteer your time please email: Clive Lowe, Employment Services Deputy Director -


Volunteer with us to support retired officers and their dependants

Our volunteers or Honorary Representatives (Hon Reps) have the ability to listen to people with empathy and care and then report objectively and clearly on a person's needs.  Recognise yourself?  It may sound like a tall order but we're looking for volunteers to help ensure that no matter where a person lives, they can access OA support should they need it.  Last year, our team of 92 Hon Reps helped us complete over 350 case reviews to help offices and their families needing support. For more information contact Bridget Gallagher, Grants and Welfare Manager, on:

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