Annual Report: Annual Report

Annual Report 2013/14

This year we achieved a number of objectives and hatched some new plans, which take into account feedback from a range of sources. I will…

Annual Report 2014/15

The Officers’ Association (OA) is in the fortunate position of working with a number of other very effective charities, and I begin my introduction to…

Annual Report 2015/16

The anniversary of the Battle of the Somme this year was a poignant reminder of our roots as a charity; young officers, often rapidly promoted…

Annual Report 2016/17

Employers are realising officers have the experience to create and use teamwork in a digital age which is challenging the way we work. This recognition…

Annual Report 2017/18

2018 saw widespread acts of remembrance and recognition of the sacrifice made by a generation of men and women in the First World War.

Annual Report 2018/19

2019 has been a milestone in the Officers’ Association’s (OA) history; it marked a hundred years since…

Annual Report 2019/20

For many of us, 2020 has been like no other year. The impact of Covid-19 has reached far and wide, and it appears that no…

2021-22 Annual Report

Annual Report 2020-2021

Since 1920, the Officers’ Association has proudly championed officers’ distinct abilities to meet the challenges of business and society.

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